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Wow where did that month go? Valentine’s cards in the shops as well as Easter eggs already I have had a good January, visiting family and friends. Anyway I wanted to thank the advertisers in my side bar, Its a new month, so time for a change and some new ones. Here is a jog to your memory of what will be in my sidebar adds until Tuesday

I totally love this store,I have watched both series about the programme, and I had to go and view the store for myself and I wasn’t disappointed. If you ever get a chance to go Do!  Take a look at the blog post A TRIP TO LIBERTY LONDON for more info


And talking of Valentines Day, who wouldn’t love to have these Champagne Truffles £11.99

The Stationary department is fabulous, these Vintage Stickers are great for sorts of storing or cooking £10.95

                          But what I really want is this  Valentino Rock Bracelet £105.00

Anyway, if you have a few minutes spare, take a quick look at their website, the store really do have some unusual items you wont find anywhere else.


Well I have been using the Collagen Marine cream that Simply Supplements  sent me to try* and I have to say it’s great I have been very happy with it. I have still used my serum underneath, but it’s defiantly hydrating. The good thing is they have a buy one get one free at the moment, and at £12.99 that’s not bad at all for a hundred ml of cream. Take a look here

They also supply a collagen supplement in tablet form, for all you vitamin fans. The price is good at £8.59 for 120 tablets find them here I did upload a pic, but my pc is not playing so take a look


Well I totally fell in love with Gerry Weber. I think this brand is ideal for us ladies a little more mature. The quality is outstanding, and there was so much on the site I would love to buy. Like this gorgeous shirt now in the sale £30.00 I would wear this with navy trousers or navy jeans and then it will go great with white jeans when it warms up (when!) I can see me going back to this site a fair bit. It’s a little pricey for me, but the sale items are still just as on trend and more affordable. I recommend a little look

So that’s me done for now, thank you for taking the time to read this post, I hope you are wrapped up warm and cosy reading this. I also love receiving comments, so please drop me a line



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