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First let me wish you happy Easter, I hope you are all having a lovely break and chilling out . Is it me going mad or did I dream that the weather forecaster’s said we were going to have a mini heatwave?
So where is it!?
As I write this post, it is pouring with rain whilst I am on my visit to the family in Essex. The thing is with our weather it can be cold and wet one day and then Bang! it will be sunny and warm!

It’s roundabout this time of year that I always get caught out, I haven’t got my summer wardrobe out yet and if I wanted to wear a dress or skirt, my legs are the whitest of white, so it’s a no go. Am I the only one that is badly organised or do any of you get caught out like this? So this year I am going to start early, start the regular pedicures for those feet and make sure I have some self tan at the ready.I though I would  share with you some of my favourite tanning/bronzing brands

California Tan I think is great for really fair skin. If you are really fair, and not yet tried spray tanning, find a salon that stocks this, If you are going to try a do it yourself job, sample a small area first ( where it cant be seen) not only for the right shade, but to make sure your not sensitive

Tan Truth always gives great results, this is what most of my client’s have. It gives a really smooth even tone and when it is sprayed on it gives a colour guide first, so you can see just how it’s going to finish up. You can buy this brand in cream or spray form for diy at home ( again always sample to test your sensitivity)

This is Cocoa Brown from Primark, cheap as chips and has great reviews. I know a fair amount of people that use this and love it. I haven’t  used it myself, but when your hearing about how good it is all the time, it’s got to be worth a try. As with any tan your applying at home, be sure to have a tanning mit or two at hand. They really do help to blend.

A couple of tips prior to any tanning, in salon or at home MAKE SURE YOU EXFOLIATE FIRST and make sure you moisturise your elbows, knees, ankles and knuckles. This is where your tan will be sucked up and stick to more.


I have used so many brands of bronzer. I don’t just use it on my face, I will top up the tan on my shoulders, the breast area and my shins for a lovely glow when out for the evening. For the body, loose powder or the bronzing beads are great for this, applied with a large brush.

This Elizabeth Arden bronzer HERE is one of my favourites. A mineral powder and not to frosted. A little expensive for the body, but great for the face as it’s not to shimmery

Boot’s no7 bronzing pearls are a very reasonable £9.99 use the largest brush you can find or a powder puff, these are great for enhancing your tan for a night out. These are shimmery, so I don’t use them on my face. When you are older, anything too shimmery can show up every crease! It has to be Matt for the face.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess. Now anyone who regularly reads my beauty post will know that this is my favourite brand. I love the texture and how Matt this is, and it comes in different shades to suit of course. But this is not the one I use myself. You need to go out there and keep sampling to find the right tan shade for you.

Rimmel Natural Bronzer  This is the brand I use all the time, It goes on really well, it’s Matt, it’s available in many shades and it’s cheap. I have four different shades for myself. Two are Matt and two are shimmery I use a darker shade in the summer over my tan, and the lighter shade in the winter. Rub a good size blusher brush to the bronzer, shake the brush to remove excess. Start with the lightest of strokes. This is the best way to do it and gradually build the colour rather than have great stripes on your face! or anywhere else

I wanted to share with you this fantastic brush that I use. Jane Iredale blusher or powder brush.The best blending brush I have ever used, and thoroughly recommend. Google Jane Iredale for stockist

Well that’s me done for now, there are so many brands and different way’s to make yourself tanned and bronzed, this is just the tip of the iceberg, I know but anything is better than ageing yourself too much by the sun
I would love to hear what your favourite brands are regarding tanning, let me know in case I have missed out on something!
Xo Laurie

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    Thank you Tina, I hope you find it useful x

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