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 For many years, as long as I can remember I have always wanted to attend London Fashion Week. Ever since I bought my first Vogue magazine at the age of twelve, I Have cooed over special haute couture dreaminess. Haute couture to me isn’t just fashion it’s an art.
I have just found a new syber friend on instagram. Agnieszka Klaput, A very talented lady who owns this fabulous label called Aga Couture…………

                                        photography credit-Renata Turlejska model-Magdalena Wierdak

Agnieszka Klaput a London based polish designer will be showing her collection for the second time this year at London Fashion Week. I asked her what her collection would be like this year?
” So much fighting going on and people running. White is the colour of peace, gentleness and positive thinking” ….Such beautiful words.

photography-Michal Staniewski model-Olivia Arben @sw12 model management Location The English Speaking Union London

Agnieszka’s ready to wear fashion collection as seen below. Her vision is to adorn women in clothes that make them feel respected, yet desirable, sensual, individual and of course beautiful.

                                             Photography-Yemi K Model-Jessica Walker Pro Asst-Deigh Alex  

Leather and fur, the perfect combination for a bang on trend dress. With a little diamonte sparkle to add femininty. A show stopper

                                                Photography-Erik Stefanovic Dama model-Leva Azuolaite 
This outfit to me screams sophistication with a very modern edge. No need to accessorise here.

                                     Photography-Erik Stefanovic Damma Model-Sophie Hodges sst-Deigh Alex

This dress ! Looks fantastic on this model here, but I think it’s a classic design that many age groups could wear, including myself!

                                      Photography-Erik Stefanovic Dama Model Sophie Hodges sst Deigh Alex

And I love the modern structure of this monochrome top. The Aga Couture brand presents colours of muted tones of black, white, brown and grey. All very easy to slip into your wardrobe to mix and match and create new looks.

Materials of silk and hand beading create this beautiful dress of gorgeous cream and gold colour tones

                                                 Photography-Daniel Mancoeur Dama model-Tara Kirsty

Dresses like this will not be found in your average high street store. Stand out in the crowd and be noticed!

Agnieszka also designs bespoke wedding dresses, Imagine having your own crafted, hand beaded,silk dream dress……

Bridesmaids are also catered for. I love this design, the way the body swirls in the front. Take away the hand beading, and it’s the perfect evening dress. This could come out to play year after year

I wasn’t going to put this picture into this post, because this gorgeous dress, it’s just peeping from it’s protective cover, but for me, this is the dreamiest of them all….. A hand painted silk dress which I think is absolutely stunning

As I said I have always wanted to attend London Fashion week, and I have received a Kind Invite from Agnieszka. I am so excited to see the new collection. But oh to be a fly on the wall backstage, where all the hustle and bustle is going on……….

If you would like to take a closer look at Aga Couture you can view the website HERE
Agnieszka really is a talented, warm, friendly creative woman. And I wish her all the best of luck for her London Fashion Week show
Xo Laurie

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  1. September 12, 2015 / 8:13 pm

    Wow! They are so pretty and unique! Like you said they are a piece of art as well. Thank you very much for sharing!

    Take care and keep in touch!
    Please stop by every Wednesday for Color and Grace Fashion link up! 🙂


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