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As promised, here is my  post all about the evening fashion show that I attended. Thank you so much everyone for your kind comments on last weeks post, knowing that I publish something of interest for my readers is a joyful feeling to me.

As I said before, many years I have longed to attend such an event, and boy did it reach my expectations. If you have been longing to visit LFW take the plunge, buy that ticket and go!

This fashion extravaganza was held at the fabulous Amber Charring Cross Hotel. You walk out of Charring Cross station and the hotel, a very grand one at that is situated right alongside it.

We were shown to the magnificent room with the long catwalk…….

Rows of chairs, each wrapped with a pretty bow finished off the scene, each one topped of with a gift bag filled with goodies to take home. I sat taking in the surroundings and people watching.

Let the show begin………

Remember a few weeks back I wrote about Aga Couture ? If you didn’t read it  HERE 

And  here is the new collection

It was all so beautiful, and no I don’t mean the Kirby grips in the lady’s hair that was sat in front of me! I was sitting  2nd row in and found it impossible to get a good shot. So I spoke to a few of the designers and asked nicely for some pictures of the show, so my readers get a view as good as I could see, if not better. I will let the pictures do the talking…..

Aga Couture

How stunning is this collection? colours of white, silver, cream and mocca. And the detailing didn’t finish at the front, it was just as good at the back. Silk and lace , the best materials for femininity , they all glided down that catwalk like a dream.
You can take a closer look at more Aga Couture HERE
(photo credits= Balazs Romsics Imm photo London)

Omar Mansoor

I came across Omas’s creations on Instagram, and was lucky enough to see them all in the flesh at the show. The first dress pictured below was one of my favourites from the show. A perfect summer dress for special occasions…….

I loved the military style softened with floaty materials and feminine detail. Omar creates designs for Royal Ascot, has styled actresses and royalty. He could create a dress for me any day! Omar is based in South Kensington or You can find his beautiful creations HERE Take a look and dream away……

Lenie Boya

Now before I start rolling out the photo’s of Lenie’s creations, there was also something special going on in her show. The fabulous Stefanie Reid our paralympian medal winner was the star of her show. A first amputee to model on the runway. I saw Stefanie on the BBC news talking about this, and boy did she do Lenie proud. see the picture below

Truly inspiring, and looking totally gorgeous in this piece of art work.

I love the ruffles on the neckline, I could get into wearing one of those, and the sheer panels on the dresses I thought were beautiful. And how clever is the swan dress ?

Lenie isn’t just a designer , she is also the founder of Revival Boutique. A high end designer dress agency in Oxford. I will definitely be paying a visit when passing by that way, it looks really interesting with everything you could wish for under one roof. Who knows, I might even get to try on some fashion delicacies, if I do I will be telling all about it. Find the online agency HERE

After many rapturous applause’s, the show came to an end. I did pop in to the after show for a glass of bubbly and there were loads of Belgian chocolates and canapes
 I managed to meet Agnieszka and Omar. And you know when you could truly kick yourself! I was so into it all, when I was sitting on the train on my way home, I thought “why didn’t you ask a few questions?”  “Why didn’t you get your picture done with them?” I just got swept away with it all and forgot that I was there to report all about it. I was in fashion heaven
XO Laurie

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