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Happy new year to you all! I’ve had a really good rest over the Christmas period, just not having builders and getting the house to resemble, well sort of a house was nice. Watching films, all my old favourites and just some good relaxing time.

Nearly three rooms down and next we start on the bathroom. My wardrobes for the main bedroom are being fitted on Monday and I can’t wait! I look forward to sharing the updates with you.

I thought I’d share some of my favourite items that I have loved the past year, fashion and beauty items from brands that have become firm favourites.

Fashion Favourites

The Baukjen Alanah skirt really has been such a joy to wear, choose any of the colourways within the print, Berry tones, Creams or black. It never creases and has pockets (the famous bonus)

I’m wearing with an ancient jumper from F&F and one of my 2020 sale buys, the sunglasses. These are Ellie Tahari from TK Max a bargain find for £14.00. I always head straight for the eyewear in TK Maxx

This is how I wore the skirt the first time. The blouse is on sale too if you go to the original post Here

Another of my favourites that I wore so much, in fact right up to November is this blazer also from Baukjen. I just can’t get enough blazers in my wardrobe! This classic navy Francess blazer with gold buttons has served me so well.

As soon as the weather gets warmer I will be wearing this again with white jeans or the navy trousers I recently purchased from Mango. You can view the rest of the outfit in this post here

Another one of my favourites has to be this top from Pure Collection. A new brand to me last year that I will definitely be wearing again. This Chocolate high necked blouse goes from day to night easily. It looks great with jeans or dark faux leather jeans.

I love the puff sleeve detail and it feels amazing on and the weight of the premium satin backed crepe sees to that. I’ve loved both the high neck and puff sleeve trend. Keep them coming! The blouse is on sale at £49.50 and worth every penny of that. The trousers are on sale too. You can catch the whole look in this post

I love this jumper so much I’m waiting for the other colour to arrive!

This jumper from Apricot has been wonderful. I’ve worn it so much and now I’m waiting for the grey colour to fall from the post box at any time now. It’s on sale at a bargain price of £20.00

Apricot is a great value brand and I just love the sleeves on this jumper. The skirt has worn well and that’s on sale at £15.00! No green left unfortunately and I’m not surprised!

I await the sale and pounce!

Ok. I can’t say that these trousers are my most worn but if there’s one sale to keep your eye on in my book it’s Riess. If my pocket allowed I would shop here all the time and their tailoring is impeccable.

However, life is not that grand and I wait for my most wished for items to go into sale. These trousers were featured on the blog only a week or so ago and they’re already sold out. However, the Reiss January sale only just recently started, so there are some beautiful items on the website.

Ok. Not clothes but worth a mention!

I’ve not regretted treating myself to my first piece from Monica Vinader. It’s pricey for what I would call costume jewellery but I love the designs. There’s a brilliant sale on the Monica Vinader site with some good priced items at the moment with up to sixty per cent off.

I wear my bracelet almost daily and it hasn’t tarnished in any way shape or form. This was something I was worried about but it’s as good as new. I’m thinking about pairing the one above with this one. I have Christmas pocket money to spend!

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  1. February 6, 2020 / 1:12 pm

    My favourite look is the jeans and blazer and the accessories, thank you for joining in with #pocolo and hope to see you back tomorrow

  2. January 16, 2020 / 11:58 pm

    I can see why these are your most worn! All of these pieces are lovely!


    • laurie
      January 29, 2020 / 9:27 am

      Thanks Jill. Yes I love them all xx

  3. January 16, 2020 / 8:12 pm

    Happy new year Laurie – some great pieces there. Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

    • laurie
      January 29, 2020 / 9:27 am

      Thanks Stephanie xx

  4. January 14, 2020 / 1:50 am

    Love your collection Laurie. You have an amazing sense of style and knowledge what works for you best. I love clothes from Reiss but it is crazily expensive in Australia, even on sale

    • laurie
      January 29, 2020 / 9:29 am

      Thanks so much Anna. That’s a lovely compliment. Yes, it is expensive hence why I buy mostly on sale. I love it all! I have a huge wish list xx

  5. January 13, 2020 / 2:39 pm

    I’m really looking forward to wearing more clothes when I return to the UK, i particularly love the jeans and blazer look. Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo and hope to see you back later this week

    • laurie
      January 29, 2020 / 9:29 am

      Thank you. I’m looking forward to hearing how you get on with the move xx

  6. January 11, 2020 / 6:43 pm

    Love your skirt! Wish I could find it here in the US!

  7. January 10, 2020 / 12:49 pm

    I absolutely love your style, you always look fabulous. I especially like the Apricot jumper and green skirt. A gorgeous combo #pocolo

  8. January 9, 2020 / 8:14 pm

    You’re always so stylish Laurie! I love the Baukjen skirt and the navy blazer is fab! I only buy at Reiss in the sale too – it’s the only way I can afford it, but the clothes are really good quality and last forever. TKMaxx is my go-to shop for designer sunnies too. I love the mustard Apricot sweater, gorgeous colour. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    • laurie
      January 9, 2020 / 11:56 pm

      Aw, thanks, Emma. I would shop at Reiss and Baukjen all the time if I could! I would say that these two brands are my special brands, but as you say, such good quality and so sustainable. xx

  9. January 8, 2020 / 7:36 am

    I like your fashion taste, Lauries. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing this post with My Red Carpet.


    • laurie
      January 8, 2020 / 10:37 pm

      Thanks Anna. Glad you like them xx

  10. January 8, 2020 / 3:54 am

    Such great pieces all on sale! I love that leopard skirt and yellow sweater!

    • laurie
      January 8, 2020 / 10:39 pm

      Thanks Laura. I’ve lived in the skirt all winter xx

  11. January 7, 2020 / 10:34 pm

    I absolutely adore the leopard print and brown leathers! Just my style!

    • laurie
      January 8, 2020 / 10:40 pm

      Hi Claire! glad you like them xx

  12. jodie filogomo
    January 7, 2020 / 9:17 pm

    I love to see you in yellow Laurie…that jumper is just lovely.

    • laurie
      January 8, 2020 / 10:41 pm

      Thanks Jodie. I love the sleeve detail on the jumper xx

  13. January 7, 2020 / 5:53 pm

    I like the lepord print skirt, lovely! X #anythinggoes

    • laurie
      January 8, 2020 / 10:41 pm

      Hi Sam! It;s a winner for the wardrobe. I don’t even have to iron it! xx

  14. January 7, 2020 / 5:06 pm

    You had some really great outfits to share last year, Laurie, as well as wonderful products and content! Thanks for sharing your light in the world of blogging!


    • laurie
      January 8, 2020 / 10:42 pm

      Ah, Shelbee. Thank you so much for your kind words. xx

  15. January 7, 2020 / 11:34 am

    Laurie, those are all such great styles and I’m hard-pressed to pick a favorite. But my eyes and cozy-chic soul love a good sweater/jumper and the detailing on the one from Apricot is so good I can see why you’ve purchased another.

    Big Hugs and lots of Happiness heading into the New Year!


    • laurie
      January 8, 2020 / 10:44 pm

      Hi Paula! I’m glad you like them. There are so many great bargains out there at the moment. Happy new year to you xx

  16. January 6, 2020 / 10:13 pm

    All lovely, classic and chic looks, Laurie!! Wish you and your family all the best for 2020!! That last outfit is just lovely!
    Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🐝

    • laurie
      January 8, 2020 / 10:44 pm

      Thanks so much Donna! xx

  17. January 5, 2020 / 6:40 pm

    You have some fabulous classic pieces Laurie, I love them all! Especially liking the skirt, that print never fails to impress me! Happy New Year, I’m looking forward to seeing the updates on your house. Jacqui x

    • laurie
      January 5, 2020 / 8:46 pm

      Thanks Jacqui. The house is certainly keeping me busy! Just about to start the bathroom now xx

  18. January 5, 2020 / 6:28 pm

    I always love your outfits. Always classy and stylish. I hope we can meet up in 2020!

    • laurie
      January 5, 2020 / 8:47 pm

      Thanks so much, Nancy. I’m up for a meet, definitely xx

  19. January 5, 2020 / 5:32 pm

    Hi Laurie!
    Happy New Year!
    Love your buys and picks. The first outfit is so sharp on you, really everythinglooks great but I love tall booths with longer skirts too. Your new bracelet is very pretty! I used to not be fond of bracelets but now I love them and cuffs. Glad to hear you had a relaxing break! I did check out Reiss and yes, gorgeous clothes and not bad sale prices, but I got enough at Christmas!
    Have a wonderful day!
    jess xx

    • laurie
      January 5, 2020 / 8:49 pm

      Happy new year Jess. The tall boots have been worn literally every day and I’m determined to get my price per wear! xx

  20. January 5, 2020 / 3:38 pm

    Some lovely looks Laurie. I really like the jumper and skirt from Apricot and the shirt from Pure Collection. Thanks for sharing xx

    • laurie
      January 5, 2020 / 8:49 pm

      Thanks Hilda. Glad you like my choices xx

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